About the Seymour Community Swim Club

We have 2 Sessions each year.   May/June through August in the Summer, and September/November through February in the Winter.   If you are interested in having your swim club compete with us at a swim meet, please contact us.

Sarah Tracy has been coaching the club since the inception of the team.  She has additional coaches that help out each year.  We are always looking for family or friends who would be interested in helping with the coaching, and become USA certified coaches.

We will have meetings and fund raisers throughout the year.   The more people we have involved, the easier it will be for everyone. Even if you can only help with one meet or come to one meeting or one fundraiser, your participation is welcome and appreciated. Fundraising is the main source of income used to pay for coaches and equipment.

Swimmers will compete in age appropriate brackets and will swim against competitors or their own gender (boys vs. boys, girls vs. girls). The age brackets are:

  • 8 and under
  • 9 – 10
  • 11 – 12
  • 13 – 14
  • 15 – 18

There are various events that each age group and gender of swimmers participate in.  They include:

  • 100 yard medley relay (25 meters each of freestyle, backstroke, butterfly and breaststroke)
  • 100 yard freestyle relay
  • 100 yard freestyle
  • 50 yard freestyle (25 yard freestyle for 8 and under)
  • 50 yard butterfly (25 yard fly for 8 and under)
  • 50 yard backstroke (25 yard backstroke for 8 or under)
  • 50 yard breaststroke (25 yard breaststroke for 8 or under)

Generally, each swimmer can participate in a maximum of 3 individual and 2 relay events per meet.

Practices are held at the Seymour Community High School Aquatics Center.