December 2018 Meeting Notes

I. Roll Call: The following people were in attendance: Jennifer Holewinski,, Michele Ross, Beth Schmalz, Sherah Justis, Andrea Gawrylelski, Brynne Hounsell, Sarah Tracy

II. Secretary’s Report:​ Given by Jennifer Holewinski Andrea Gawryleski motioned to approve the minutes and Michele Ross seconded it.
III. Treasurer’s Report: ​Given by Lisa Baehman The current balance is $8,379.20. Michele Ross motioned to approve treasurer’s report and Andrea Gawryleski seconded it.

IV. Coaches Report: ​Given by Sarah Tracy The first meet went well. Two team records were set. Remind swimmers to pay attention and don’t be afraid to ask questions and check with timers that you are in the right lane swimming the right event. Remind swimmers that disqualifications will happen and that is ok especially when new and learning new strokes. Another reminder is that it doesn’t matter what place take but that you yourself is improving and getting a faster time.

If you signed up for a meet and know ahead of time you won’t be able to make it, let Coach Sarah know right away because if she hasn’t sent in meet information then she can delete you from that meet and you won’t have to pay. Unfortunately, if you child is sick or an emergency or something else comes up and you are already registered then you will have to pay even if not there. The club sends a check for every meet so the club is out money when you don’t pay.

Parents also remind swimmers to pick up their stuff like goggles, fins, water bottles, etc. Swimmers need to also keep locker rooms clean so make sure picking up things in there throwing food wrappers in garbage.

Home swim meet will start at 5:15 with warm ups at 4:30. We will need parents to help run the meet. There will be sign up coming out soon.

If school is canceled in the morning or sometime throughout the day then swim practice is also canceled. An announcement will be made at all schools.

V. Open Issues: A record board committee was formed (Sherah Justis-Chair, Jennifer Holewinski, Beth Schmalz) so we can move forward and get something in place this winter/spring.

A committee (Beth Schmalz- Chair, Andrea Gawryleski, Jennifer Holewinski, Brynne Hounsell, Michele Ross) was formed to put together 3 different options for volunteer hours for timing and fundraising events, buyouts, registration costs, implementing policies, etc.) options will be shared at the January meeting and voted on in February.

VI. New Business: A motion was made by Andrea Gawryleski to hold a home meet on Friday, February 22 and was seconded by Sherah Justis.

VII. Adjournment Next meeting will be January 8 at 5:15. Motion to adjourn the meeting was made by Andrea Gawryleski and seconded by Beth Schmalz.